Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Arabesque Collection (1set)


Sprinkle a dash of Lebanese heritage onto your meals with our Arabesque Collection’s Salt & Pepper Shaker Set, hand-painted and crafted for connoisseurs of fine dining.

Experience the fusion of elegance and practicality with the Salt & Pepper Shaker Set from the Arabesque Collection. This set, lovingly hand-painted in Lebanon, incorporates high-quality materials imported from France to ensure each seasoning sprinkle is a gesture of sophistication. These unique artisanal pieces are crafted to withstand high temperatures and are easily washable, guaranteeing the longevity of the designs. Non-toxic and encased in secure box packaging, they are safe for everyday use and beautifully presented. The pieces are customizable, offering you a personalized touch to your dining ensemble. This set is an embodiment of heritage and modernity, ready to grace tables with its distinctive charm.

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm