Lina Asmar Art de la Table

From Passion to ……….Business

Lina Asmar is a Lebanese artist & entrepreneur.
Born in Lebanon and raised in France, she gathered the expertise of both cultures to perfectly combine the needed skills to turn her passion into a business.
Since a very young age, Lina lived in a household where lavish dinners
were a thing of everyday.
Each and ever one, tailored with its own tableware and table art.
Being exposed to all of this, Lina grew up with a passion and a fine eye for
tablescape, & handpainted porcelain.

The Art Process

Lina Asmar creates the main ideas for the seasonal
collections through sketching, designing, and researching trends.
She then begins to hand-paint a sample set of each collection.
The team gets handed over the visuals and sample pieces in order to recreate them for the clients.
Each piece is intricately-hand painted to perfection!

Our Mission

We strive to empower women by exclusively employing local Lebanese artisans and painters.
Lina communicates the know-how to eventually be able to rely on themselves as members of the society.

The talented team of Artisans
In our SME consists of:
• Porcelain Painters
• Textile Painters
• Tailors
Each and every artist underwent several month of training before starting creating with Lina.
Our mission is to develop an initiative where the skills of Women Artisan can be developed, and used to support their livelihood.

Geographical Scope

You can currently find us in Lebanon, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, the USA, Africa, KSA, Kuwait, the UK, France, and Australia!.

Shipping Worldwide

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