Soup Bowl Heritage Collection (1pc)


The Heritage Collection Soup Bowl is a culinary masterpiece, offering a durable and enchanting hand-painted dining experience. Bring bespoke elegance to every soup serving.

Savor the elegance of tradition with the handcrafted Soup Bowl from the Heritage Collection by Lina Asmar. Each bowl is a canvas where skilled artisans from Lebanon bring to life vibrant vegetables through exquisite hand-painting techniques, using premium materials imported from France. These bowls are more than mere dinnerware; they are a celebration of culinary art. Engineered to endure, the paints are wash and high-temperature resistant, ensuring the longevity of their captivating designs. They are non-toxic, meticulously packed, and ready to grace your table or be presented as a gift. Available for individual purchase or as a customizable set, they add a bespoke touch to any collection.

Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm