Placemat Jardin Secret (6pcs)


“Jardin Secret” Placemats: Transform your table setting with these hand-painted, artisanal pieces from Lebanon, crafted for both beauty and durability.

The “Jardin Secret” Placemats are an embodiment of exquisite dining luxury. Each placemat in this set of six is a canvas of meticulous artistry, hand-painted in Lebanon with the finest painting materials imported from France. These unique artisanal creations are not just for protection of your table but are a statement of elegance, featuring designs that bring a piece of nature’s secret garden to your dining experience. Fully washable and designed to resist high temperatures, the beauty of these placemats is enduring. Non-toxic and thoughtfully wrapped in a secure box, they are safe and ready for any dining occasion. Customize your set to match your aesthetic, whether purchasing a single piece or multiple sets.

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 10 cm