Napkin Table Arabesque Collection (6pcs)


Bring a touch of artisanal elegance to your table with the Arabesque Collection Napkin. Hand-painted in Lebanon with French-imported materials, these unique, customizable napkins marry functionality with high-end design.

Adorn your dining experience with the exquisite Napkin from the Arabesque Collection, a masterpiece of Lebanese artistry. This unique, hand-painted creation incorporates high-quality materials imported from France, ensuring a lavish touch to your table setting. Each napkin is not only a piece of art but also practical, boasting a washable fabric that retains its intricate designs even after multiple uses. Resistant to high temperatures and non-toxic, these napkins are safely packed in secure boxes, ready to bring elegance to your home. Available as individual pieces or in sets, they can be customized to complement your personal aesthetic.

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 10 cm