Dinner Plate Jardin Secret Porcelain (1pc)


Bring the secret garden to your table with our “Jardin Secret” Dinner Plates, where every meal becomes an enchanting experience with Lebanese hand-painted artistry.

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Set your table with the exquisite charm of our “Jardin Secret” Dinner Plates. Each porcelain piece is a hand-painted canvas, created with exceptional French painting materials and brought to life by the skilled artisans of Lebanon. Adorned with delicate florals and whimsical birds, these plates encapsulate the essence of a hidden garden in bloom. Not only beautiful, these unique artisanal plates are crafted for practicality—washable and resistant to high temperatures, they maintain their splendor use after use. Non-toxic and wrapped in secure box packaging, these dinner plates promise safety and sophistication. Sold individually or as a collection, they offer customizable options to infuse your dining experience with hand-painted elegance.

Weight 5200 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 9 cm