Dessert Plate Jardin Secret Porcelain (1pc)


“Jardin Secret” Dessert Plates: Experience the charm of Lebanon’s artistry with these hand-painted porcelain pieces, perfect for adding a touch of enchantment to your table setting.

Delight in the delicate beauty of our “Jardin Secret” Dessert Plates, each a hand-painted treasure from Lebanon. Crafted with exceptional painting materials sourced from France, these porcelain plates are canvases for vibrant florals and playful birds, reflecting the serene essence of a secret garden. The unique artisanal quality of each piece promises that no two plates are exactly alike. Designed for both elegance and resilience, they are washable and capable of withstanding high temperatures, ensuring the hand-painted designs remain unspoiled. Non-toxic and safely encased in secure box packaging, these dessert plates are as safe as they are stunning. Available for purchase individually or as a set, you can tailor your tableware with customizable options to suit your personal style.

Weight 3200 g
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 9 cm