Dessert Plate Chant Doux Collection (1pc)


Grace your table with the Chant Doux Dessert Plate—where each bite is accompanied by an avian serenade. 🐦✨

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Delve into the refined world of Lina Asmar with the Chant Doux Collection’s Dessert Plate, where every detail tells a story of elegance and grace. This exquisite porcelain plate is lovingly adorned with a hand-painted congregation of birds, each feather a flourish of color against the plate’s pristine white background. The design mirrors a peaceful garden, creating a tranquil dining experience. Encircled by a sumptuous gold rim, this dessert plate isn’t just dishware—it’s a treasure that brings the beauty of the outdoors to your table. Perfect for the finale of any meal, it’s sure to captivate and enchant your guests with its timeless beauty.

Weight 3200 g
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 9 cm