Tray (Large) Circular Shape Lebanese Heritage (1pc)


Delight in the artistry of Lebanese culture with our hand-painted Large Circular Tray. Durable and non-toxic, this piece resists heat and is washable, perfect for practical use or as a decorative homage to heritage.

Our Large Circular Tray from the Lebanese Heritage collection is a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship, hand-painted with skill and care in Lebanon. Each tray is adorned with high-quality paint imported from France, illustrating scenes that celebrate the vibrant culture and daily life of Lebanon. These unique artisanal pieces not only serve as a functional item in your home but also as a conversation starter, evoking the spirit of Lebanese hospitality. They are durable, washable, and resistant to high temperatures, ensuring the longevity of the hand-crafted designs. With non-toxic materials, they are safe for serving. Each tray comes securely wrapped in a box, perfect for gifting or personal collection. Sold as individual pieces, they can also be combined into sets, and are customizable to fit your personal aesthetic.

Weight 1700 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 6 cm

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